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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

SEVEN/ orange scarf

This week has been so amazing, I really don't know how to describe it.
For starters, I've been working a lot — meaning I'm making more money for summer festivals, trips and of course a summer wardrobe. I also took a day trip last Friday down to Montreal with my best friend to see one of our favourite bands, Death Cab For Cutie. We saw them perform in Montreal last August but this time left me breathless. They performed in a large ornate Catholic church, probably the oldest church I've ever been to. I felt a little uncomfortable being in a church, seeing as I'm not the least bit religious but I suddenly felt at home when they began to play. Their performance was flawless and they were even backed by an orchestra. The day after was record store day and unfortunately I had to work but that didn't stop me from getting a record. My amazing friends found me Alexisonfire's (my favourite band) RSD release - it's a record with the first three songs they've ever recorded, with a written letter from my favourite member. They only produced a thousand copies and I now own one. I am beyond happy with how this week is going and I hope this luck continues throughout the summer. 
As for my look, I'm wearing my black jeggings from American Eagle. I love how stretchy these "jeans" are and how the hit me right at the ankle, but they do not stay up! I have to wear a belt with them... so I really don't wear them all too often. The weather here has been crazy lately and even though it's the end of April, Ottawa woke up to a fresh blanket of snow this morning. I had to haul out my winter coat from storage! I really don't mind though, this just means I can keep wearing my Dr. Martens for a couple of more weeks and I can slack off on buying summer clothing just a littttttle bit longer.

JEGGINGS/ American Eagle TOP/ Old Navy SCARF/ Rikochet Resale BOOTS/ Dr. Martens (thrifted) 

PURSE/ H&M COAT/ Addition Elle

All pictures were taken by Laura Kidd.


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