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Monday, 26 March 2012

TWO/ big blue love

I bought this jacket at Old Navy a couple of years ago and I'm still as in love with it now as I was the day I bought it. The colour is just so perfect and I find that the shape really compliments my body type. The dress I am wearing is also from Old Navy, I picked it up about a week ago and it was $4.97 on clearance. You really can't beat that price!! It's such an eye catching colour too - I'm in love!

DRESS + COAT/ Old Navy LEGGINGS/ American Apparel BRACELET + SCARF/ H&M BOOTS/ Thrifted NECKLACE/ Gifted PURSE/ F21

All photos were taken by Laura Kidd.


  1. Loving your style and look forward to seeing more posts from you! x

  2. Awesome color combo, and I'm loving the spikey necklace and leopard print. :)

  3. This coat is such an amazing colour!

  4. absolutely love your coat, darling!

  5. LOVE the colour combo! Also, what is the lipstick you're wearing? I think I need it in my life! :)

    1. Thank you! The lipstick is Fuchsia by Joe Fresh - if you could believe that. Super cheap, stays on forever and it is a fabulous matte colour.