Saturday, 22 October 2016


One of the most interesting things about living in Canada is that we really get to experience every season. It's a bittersweet thing, really. It means that you always have to be prepared. It means that having key seasonal pieces (like a winter coat) is essential for combating the elements and trust me when I say that it can extremely hard to find nice plus size outerwear options. When I was younger all that I had available to me were hideous ski coats that really didn't fit my personality or showoff my personal style. There are definitely more options to chose from now and I'm thrilled about that. My plus size outerwear picks for this season range from lightweight to heavy parka and I think there's something in this list for everyone.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

152/ 90's x 90's

This is a 90's inspired outfit to go with my new 90's inspired hair. The fuzzy sweater paired with the dainty floral patterned dress and Dr. Martens boots is a great combination. I've been feeling very uninspired with my wardrobe lately but I can always depend on an all black outfit to make me look fab and feel comfortable.

My new hair is my new favourite thing. I had to get a haircut, I absolutely hated it at the length that it was at. I have a lot of hair, and it's extremely thick, so it can be very difficult to manage. It's a lot easier to style when it's at this length and I couldn't be happier about that. Although it's not the most drastic change, I'm still really thrilled about it.

SHOES/ Dr. Martens LIPSTICK/ Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in 'Mercy'
Photos by Sue Waugh / Edits by me

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


There are so many different elements to this outfit that I'm absolutely in love with.

Let's talk about the skirt. I adore how it hits just below the knee and the pleats look fantastic when the wind picks up a little. It was a thrifted piece that I'm happy to have found. I wear it constantly and it can be worn with just about anything in my wardrobe. I've dressed it up, I've dressed it down and I keep coming back to it.

The jacket is something that I found on consignment. I've worn it in a ton of different posts. It's fitted and the coated denim, mixed with the moto cut, gives it a rock'n'roll feel. It's perfect to layer on those not so cold but still brisk autumn days. Eileen Fisher is my favourite clothing brand but it is completely out of my budget so I always look for it secondhand.

The backpack and the shoes were recent purchases. I bought them both last week and I've worn them every day since they came into my life. I really don't know what I did, or what I wore, before I got them.

The Adidas Superstar shoes were on my 'to buy' list for years and years and I don't know why I didn't take the plunge before. They are the most comfortable shoes that I currently own and they're incredibly timeless. I know that I will be wearing them until the soles wear out and when that happens I'll definitely run out to the store to pick up a replacement. 

The Matt & Nat backpack is something that I've been coveting for awhile now, too. I'm thrilled that I waited on this, though. I was ready to buy it full price but something in me kept telling me to hold off. It finally came into my life by the way of consignment and I couldn't be more in love with it. It is able to carry all of my belongings without feeling too heavy and it looks and feels chic with every outfit.

JACKET/ Eileen Fisher TOP/ Forever 21+ SKIRT/ Thrifted (no brand) 
SHOES/ Adidas Superstars BAG/ Matt & Nat NECKLACE/ H&M
Photos by Chris MacMartin

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Tomorrow is technically the first day of autumn but it really doesn't feel like it. Although the mornings have been relatively chilly here, it's in the high 20's by the time the afternoon rolls around. I'm absolutely sick of it. The autumn season is short here in Ottawa, but it's by far my favourite and I can't wait until it is in full effect.

I wore the look pictured below on the only day chilly enough for me to do so. I bought the army green jacket on my most recent trip to Florida and I can't wait to get more wear out of it. I love how lightweight and easy to wear it is. It's a piece that I can just throw on and go. I don't really have to think about what I'm pairing it with and honestly, that's what I look for the most when buying my outerwear.

JACKET/ Ava & Viv (Target) JEANS/ Jessica Simpsons SHOES/ Cute to the Core
SCARF/ Thrifted WATCH/ Seiko HANDBAG/ Longchamp
Photos by Sue Waugh